Nitish will lose trust

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Nitish Kumar has finally said good bye to NDA. Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar is going to take another U turn in political career when he is expected to meet governor and may ties with BJP. He may form the government with Laluprasad Yadav’s RJD and Congress which is called as Mahagathbandhan. But who will trust Nitish who had umpteen times has changed his roles and loyalties? Nitish was made chief minister even after getting less seats than BJP. But as politicians are untrustworthy and only serve their own interest, Nitish may take another turn and form Mahagathbandhan government. It is different whether it will last for how much period or not. But in this process, Nitish will lose whatever reliability he has with him. In his own JD(U), there is winds of rebellion flowing and his own leadership in the party is in danger. So he has no other option to break the ties with BJP. But the new equation will make him more vulnerable in Bihar politics. When first time was elected and became chief minister of Mahagathbandhan chief minister., the Congress minded journalists were elated that they had got a good option to PM Modi. Later he was projected as next prime minister of this country. But later he himself joined BJP camp and again became chief minister on BJP’s support. In last elections, he got less seats than BJP but still was retained as CM. Nitish Kumar is most opportunist leader of this age. He has become CM on every other party’s support and never has been CM on his own power like Sharad Pawar in Maharashtra. If Nitish changes his loyalty again, it will be a big blow to Sharad Pawar and Mamta Banarjee. Because he will be in stiff competition to become an option to Modi. Mamta and Pawar( Chandrashekhar Rao is new addition to this bandwagon) are bracing themselves up for projecting themselves a perfect option to Modi. Now Nitish will be an addition to it which both leaders never accept. The option to Modi is far away. If he changes loyalty, it is difficult to say whether this new combination will survive or not. Sonia Ganghi seems to get some solace after so many debacles and ED enquiry against her. But the Mahagathbandhan government will not survive is writing on the wall. All these opposition parties have been extremely irritated and flowing in troubled waters due to Enforcement Directorate enquiries. Many leaders of Nitish party are also under the scanner. So he may have thought of giving up and united fight against Modi. But the battle is not easy and his own support base in Bihar has reduced to a considerable level. Also this is not a wise or decision showing political acumen. It is just running away from ED enquiry. Nitish has strongly advocated the idea of OBC census which may push BJP in jeopardy as then the number of seats of OBC will have to increase. The danger sensed by Modi and he has not  yet responded to Nitish. This is also the reason that Nitish has gone away from Modi. It was evident from the recent events that Nitish has making a distance from BJP. He was absent to greet president and vice president on their election, he even did not visit to Delhi to meet them.  This showed that he is distancing himself away from BJP. If Nitish breaks alliance with BJP, Congress and RJD will be elated. But the elation will not last long. They should remember that people are on the side of BJP for unknown reason. In such experience only the loss will be of Bihari people.