Neglecting reality

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Unnecessary aggressive stand does not ratify that you are absolutely true. The same is true about union finance minister Nirmal Sitaraman. While putting government stand before parliament table yesterday, she unnecessarily became attacking and said that India was not moving towards economic recession. Such claims are false and baseless, she retorted. She said that despite many difficulties, the country’s economy was sound and robust and India is world’s fastest growing economy. As the debate on inflation was demanded by opposition, Sitaraman attacked criticizers for alleging that India is trapped in recession. However aggressively let her keep government’s say, the reality does not change. Of course, opposition was never satisfied by her reply and that is logically correct. Because, though Sitaraman was saying that there was no recession, in real life, the common people are experiencing many difficulties at every moment. There are no jobs, the inflation has reached to sky level and unemployment has reached to pinnacle. The data shows that unemployment is making a record in last forty five years. This situation is serious and except Sitaraman, everybody has been experiencing the ill effects of unemployment. Whatever  claims Sitaraman has made about  economy was sound and robust have not gone down  well with opposition. The finance minister was talking aggressively, which is hardly logical or understandable in this serious situation. Yes, the demand was made by opposition. But common people also want to hear about true situation from Sitaraman and they have right for it. But Sitaraman forgot that she is not only responsible to answer opposition, she has also accountability towards common people of this country also. The method of answering should not be only attacking opposition.  Our finance minister is said to be always in aggressive mood and her dialogue delivery is always in arrogant manner. Such an attitude is unbecoming of a finance minister. The expectations are that finance minister should talk in meaningful,  patient and transparent way. But she always talk in exactly oppositely manner. While talking about soundness of economy, she said the GST applied for essential commodities is not decided by government by GST council. But FM is the chairman of GST council and as a chairman, she has the power to veto the amendment. The application of GST on grains and many other essential commodities has increased the inflation and people are facing extreme hardship. This is not the point raised by opposition. The common people have suffered from this decision and that is the main reason for anger among the masses. The country was extremely eager to know what explanation FM was going to give on this account. But FM said that GST council consists of opposition members and it decides which commodities should brought under GST. How a chairman and FM can give such explanation lacking of logic? The basic logic is missing from FM’s answer to the debate in parliament. If the economy is robust, then why inflation is not under control? How people can understand this? RBI also had to reduce prediction about GDP rate? Why the revenue deficit is increasing  continuously? FM has no answers for these questions. Only increase in GST income is not only criteria for measuring robustness of economy. Actual foreign investment, export and foreign exchange are other indices which play an important role in deciding whether economy is strong or weak. FM Sitaraman always avoid questions about onion prices and when she was asked about high prices of onion, she answered in a childish manner that she did not know the prices because she does not eat onion. Such FM is a liability for any cabinet. Modi should take the hand in his own hands about inflation and recession.