Blatant corruption

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Our politicians have gone many miles in case of blatant corruption and they have no shame for it. Jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren is in the midst of an office-of-profit row regarding a mining lease that he is accused of having awarded himself last year while holding charge of the state mining and environment departments. The Election Commission of India has taken cognisance of the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party’s complaint after the intervention of governor Ramesh Bais. The high court has issued a notice to Soren after a petition sought a Central Bureau of Investigation inquiry into the allegation. Of course, Soren has denied this allegation. The history of JMM is quite full of black spots as its four MPs were disqualified for taking bribe from Congress to help Narsimha Rao government would remain in the power despite in minority. Suddenly big amounts were seen in these four MPs bank accounts and then CBI got to work to search the reason. When a party is infamous for such history, it is no wonder that party chief minister grants himself a lease of coal block. This is blatant corruption and the EC has taken the cognizance of the allegation. As our politicians are extremely clever in searching loopholes in laws, Soran may be escape from such a open and shut case of corruption and get scot free. The charges were raked up for the first time on February 10 by BJP leader and former Jharkhand chief minister Raghubar Das, who demanded Soren’s resignation over the issue. A BJP delegation led by Das and the legislature party leader Babulal Marandi met the governor on February 11. They accused Soren of violating Section 9A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951. The provision is that, Under the section, a person shall be disqualified if, and for so long as, there subsists a contract entered into by him in the course of his trade or business with the appropriate government for the supply of goods to, or for the execution of any works undertaken by, that government. The BJP said the lease was a violation because the district mining office reports to the state mines department of which the chief minister is in charge. Soren’s younger brother Basant Soren and sister-in-law Sita Soren, both MLAs, are also facing legal trouble in the case, according to a report. Our politicians have forgotten history and so they have also forgotten Julius Caesar’s dictum who said that Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion meaning. It means, people connected with public figure must not be associated with any wrongdoing. Here chief minister himself is under the scanner of corruption. As usual, he will deny the charges and then he would justify his deed with upper cast do not tolerate the upliftment of tribal leaders. The same justification we have heard hundred times in such corruption. But this does not a justification for anybody’s blatant corruption. Soren’s party JMM has given its defence as office of profit comes into force when there is financial dealings. The mine under question is inoperative and surrendered, it said. But it is not the true defence of the culprit. In the first place, when CM is the charge de affair of any ministry, he can’t approve such decision to grant himself lease of the coal block. This is blatant corruption and JMM or CM Soren has no defence for this. The row may create a big trouble for Soren and his party now as JMM has only thirty members in the eighty one member assembly. The government is led by JMM on the support  of seventeen Congress and RJD one members. Congress now may face difficulty to defend Soren government. But the issue has sterilized the state presently.