States should follow centre

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To give relief from inflation, the central government has decided to increase the price of petrol and diesel. The government has announced to reduce the excise duty on petrol and diesel by Rs eight and Rs six per liter respectively. Apart from this, the government will give a subsidy of Rs two hundred on domestic cooking gas under the Ujjwala scheme. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has given this information by tweeting on Saturday. Nirmala Sitharaman said that with this decision of the government, petrol will become cheaper by Rs nine point five  per liter and diesel by Rs seven per liter. Sitharaman said that due to this decision of the government, there will be a burden of about one lakh crore rupees annually on the exchequer. Along with this, under the Ujjwala scheme, the government will give a subsidy of Rs 200 on domestic cooking gas up to twelve cylinders, which will cost about Rs six thousand and hundred crore annually. Apart from this, the Finance Minister has appealed to all the state governments to give relief to the public by cutting VAT. He has specifically asked those states to reduce the price of petrol and diesel, which have not cut VAT from November 2021. Buckling under pressure, finally Modi government has done the right thing. It has slashed fuel prices which causes overall inflation.  The wrath of people was increasing so that people had started to express their displeasure against Modi publicly. Indian opposition has been so weak since these eight years that they have failed to take advantage of this burning issue. Only they have engaged in making allegations against Modi on different issues which are not so close to Indian public. Of course, opposition’s inactiveness is advantageous to Modi. Instead of asking questions in parliament, Rahul Gandhi waste time in coming to parliament on bullock cart and likewise. Another important point is opposition is severely criticizing Modi for undue increase of petrol and gas. The criticism is perfect and justifiable. When the question comes to slash state taxes on fuel, Cognress, Shivsena and other oppposition ruled states keep a mum. They should also give their contribution in slashing taxes on fuel and give people much necessary relief from inflation. These opposition ruled states keep making allegations of centre but do not take initiative to slash taxes. This is hypocrisy for which opposition in India will be infamous. BJP finally has recognized how the extra high prices of fuel would cost the party in coming elections. Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections will be held in year end. BJP will not afford to lose Gujarat in any case. So, the decision has been taken. But, this has raised to one point that the rulers will only slash prices only when there would be elections. They would not be bothered about people’s agony if there are no elections. This is very disgusting. The government should be anytime sensitive about people’s agonies and sorrows. The election driven decisions are not only wrong but send wrong message to the nation. The government has no role in hike in petrol price hike as main reason to be ongoing Russia Ukraine war. It has slashed biggest petrol supply to the world. India’s eight five percent petrol and diesel is dependent upon import, it is natural that India will have to bear the consequences of war. But at the same time, it is government’s responsibility, to give people relief in any situation. A small step has been taken in this direction. Now, states instead of attacking centre, should follow suit.