Nadda’s prophecy

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BJP national president Jai Prakash Nadda has predicted that in future Shivsena or other regional parties will finish and only national parties will remain in politics. The statement has expectedly irked Shivsena and it has challenged BJP to finish it. Shivsena or any regional parties in India are not actual regional parties but family parties. Even Congress has become a family party. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always severely attacked on parties which are run by one family like Congress. The mother son party has been now marginalized due to its tag of party run by Gandhi family. What Nadda has said is to be taken in its true spirit. The regional parties are unable to survive due to their family first approach. The voter has changed, the style of politics has changed , so why parties are not changing? Why they are sticking to old system of dynasty rule? BJP has no dynasty rule and every worker gets his or her due importance. Even if any worker is not getting it, he does not leave the party and  join others. In family parties, disgruntled workers always search for joining other parties. Now Uddhav Thackray led Shivsena group has been so marginalized in Maharashtra that it is not a party but a small group. Not only Shivsena, many Eknath Shindes are waiting to come to the fore in many regional parties like DMK, NCP, BJD, TMC and many more. The high command of these family parties is always in impression that whatever it takes decision will be accepted by cadres. But such things have been a past now. The ruler of such parties has to face situation Senior Thackray is facing now. In such condition, if Nadda is saying that family party will not last longer, what wrong he has said? Regional parties were once extremely strong in their states and on that strength they used to make dance the ruling party at centre to their tunes in coalition government. The examples are many, quite notable of them are Shivsena itself, AIDMK’s Jai Lalitha and Samta party’s Jaya Jaitley, Mayavati etc. As Modi has come to power, the strength of these regional parties has completely declined and no party is in position to blackmail BJP at centre. This is the real sorrow these parties are facing now. That’s why, they are trying to falsify Nadda. These regional parties have been obsessed with fear of becoming obsolete in new system of politics. Many parties have become a shadow of their earlier strong manifestation. If they do not want to become out-of-date, they should try to see beyond their families, relatives and protégés. Leaders and their next generations get posts and the workers have only to keep bisleri  bottles on the table for leaders and sons in public meetings. This culture has to be removed. These regional parties criticize BJP, but they forget that BJP’s worker even if does not get posts of honour, remain silent. He doesn’t switch sides. Is there any party which has such workers in large numbers? The answer is big NO. Instead of criticizing Nadda and BJP, regional parties should understand the nature and working style of BJP. Then they will know that this type of loyalty is not easy to adopt for a worker in their party. The family parties only take undue advantage of workers’ hard work and when the time comes to choose leaders, ruler, his family members come forward. Such style will not succeed now in the country. If the family parties understand this, they will understand also the true meaning of what Nadda has said. Then they will be in a position to take on BJP and country will get strong opposition that everybody is saying now.