Minister Nandi takes officials to task in Chitrakoot

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Minister Nandi takes officials to task in Chitrakoot

PRAYAGRAJ: Under the chairmanship of Nand Gopal Gupta ‘Nandi’, Minister Civil Aviation, Political Pension, Minority Welfare, Muslim Waqf and Haj Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh, a review meeting of law and order, priority development programmes, points of NITI Aayog, Covid control was conducted in Tehsil Mau's auditorium in Chitrakoot district. Incidentally, Nandi is the incharge minister of the district. He instructed the sub-district magistrates to resolve the land disputes as soon as possible.

“The task should be carried out in accordance with our government's intentions,” he told officials. According to him, the state's Chief Minister is trying to ensure that the benefits of development programs and welfare schemes reaches the last strata of the society. “You people need to work with complete responsibility, and there should be no negligence in whatever work you do. All officers should sit with data and necessary information in hand at the meetings so that they remain informed and updated every step of the way. We don't want to take any action against you. Some development projects have been delayed for many years and should be completed promptly,” he suggested.

He also said that officials should keep in mind that there should be a separate deion of the work to be finished in June and how many works are to be completed in July. Minister Nandi informed the District Magistrate that if a project is worth more than Rs 50 lakh, form a team and have it checked, and if you undertake random checks in every consecutive month, there will be a noticeable difference in the work. He stated that appropriate sanitation and cleanliness should be practised in the villages, and that if sanitation employees are not performing their duty, then harsh action should be taken against them.

Our Prime Minister and Chief Minister prioritise cleanliness, so any work that requires land identification should be completed as soon as possible. He also requested that the District Magistrate to convene a conference with bank officials and beneficiaries for the schemes in which beneficiaries' loan applications are still pending with the banks, so that they can benefit. Minister Nandi further informed the officers of the departments in charge of the schemes that if the applications are sent to the banks and they are rejected, you should do correspondence for them and contact the banks yourself to dispose of more and more applications. Beneficiaries should gain as a result of this. Only then will our government's objective be realized, and those people will be able to find work.

During the inspection of the development works, the Minister in charge informed the concerned authorities that the Chief Minister's priority project, KanyaSumangalaYojana, is making less progress than expected. He requested that the District Magistrate seek an explanation from the District Probation Officer regarding the slow pace of advancement. “The pending applications of One District One Product and MukhyamantriYuvaSwarozgarYojna should be immediately disposed of,” he said. On Operation Kayakalp of schools, he said that while the district had been chosen by the NITI Aayog, the work on the parameters identified in schools had not yet been completed. This should be carried out right away.

Nand Gopal Gupta ‘Nandi’ asked officials to speed up bridge-building tasks, ensuring that high-quality work is completed within the timeframe set by the government. Following a review of the construction of new roads, officials from the Public Works Department were told to finish the work on the roads for which funding had been approved, and then construct the other roads.