Mechanisms to curb phishing scams on e-commerce websites

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Mechanisms to curb phishing scams on e-commerce websites

New Delhi : The central government will develop a mechanism to curb fraudulent reviews on e-commerce websites. The Department of Consumer Affairs will develop such a system by studying the current system adopted by e-commerce organizations in India and the best practices available globally.

The Department of Consumer Affairs in collaboration with the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) held a meeting with various stakeholders such as e-commerce organizations, consumer forums, law universities, lawyers, FICCI, Federation of Indian Industries, consumer rights activists and others. And discussed further measures. Since eCommerce has no facility to view or check the product directly, it is only a virtual purchase.

"The key issues are the ability to track the credibility of the voters and the responsibility of the forum," he said. Rohit Kumar Singh, Secretary, Consumer Affairs, also said that e-commerce companies need to make clear "relevant reviews" in a fair and transparent manner to attract customers to their websites.

All concerned agreed to closely monitor the issue and develop appropriate mechanisms to control counterfeit reactions to protect the interests of consumers. Stakeholders of e-commerce companies claim that they have a mechanism by which fake responses are monitored and would like to be involved in developing a legal framework on the issue.

Additional Secretary Nidhi Khare, along with the Secretary, Consumer Affairs, and Joint Secretary Anupam Mishra were also present at the meeting. Manisha Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer, Advertising Standards Council of India, underlined the quality of fake and misleading responses and their impact on consumer interests. Lack of disclosure regarding paid reviews, unverified reviews and promotional reviews makes it difficult for consumers to identify the true reviews.