Mahabharata era evidence found in excavation in Hastinapur

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Mahabharata era evidence found in excavation in Hastinapur

Meerut : Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), has found evidence of Mahabharat period during the excavation of Pandav Mound located in Hastinapur, Meerut.

ASI, which is engaged in the search for historical civilisations in the country, is getting irrefutable evidence. The evidence of Mahabharat period is now being preserved for study.

Central Government has made a special strategy for the discovery of antiquities of historical civilisations inside the country, a new circle of Archaeological Survey of India was created in Meerut. After this, the ASI started excavation on the Pandav mound of Hastinapur.

The excavation started about three months ago under the leadership of Dr. DB Ganayak, Superintending Archaeologist, Meerut Circle of ASI. Remains of many civilizations were found during the excavations. These antiquities have been sent for study to Delhi under tight security. Ancient remains of painted gray pottery, copper coins, bones, pottery etc. were found on the Pandava mound along with the ancient walls of bricks.

During the excavation on the Pandava mound, a gray pottery painted on it has been confirmed to be a civilisation during the Mahabharata period. These antiquities are said to be 3500 years old. Archaeologist Dr DB Ganayanayak says that animal bones have been found to prove that people here used to do animal husbandry even in the Mahabharata period.

ASI has found copper sword, chariot during excavation in Sinauli village of Baghpat district. After the chariot was found for the first time in excavation in India, many lies of leftist historians were exposed, who did not consider the Aryans to be the original inhabitants of India.

Historian Dr. Amitrai Jain says that in 1952-53, under the leadership of Prof. Bibi Lal, excavations were done on the Pandav mound. At that time also, gray pottery painted in Mahabharata carpet was found from the Pandava mound. After that the excavation was stopped, these antiquities are still preserved. Now the Mahabharata period is being confirmed by excavations again.