Congress’s pretence

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Congress leaders on Wednesday alleged that the Centre is misusing the Enforcement Directorate to dislodge elected governments, as was seen in Maharashtra recently. Gehlot said there existed “ED terror” in the country. He also raised the issue of suspension of MPs from both Houses of Parliament. This is the hypocrisy of highest order by grand old party because Congress leaders should go to past years when Congress was in power and how they used to harass opposition ruled state governments. This is not meant that what centre is doing today is correct or welcome. If centre is using ED or CBI for targeting Congress leaders, then it is most condemnable act of the government. But the reality is very different. All Congress leaders are running from reality and trying to make allegations on centre. If Congress leaders are not guilty of corruption, why they are not fighting against ED or CBI or centre in the court of law? The courts are working in India still and nobody has charged them of being discriminatory. So Congress has good option to go to courts. No doubt, Congress is not saying anything about courts and making allegations against Centre.  When Congress was in power, CBI had summoned prime minister Modi and probed him for continuous eight hours. But Modi or BJP party did not take press conference and abused centre. When Congress was in power, opposition governments had been dismissed without reason. Congress’ rage against action by ED implies that it does not want any investigative agencies to probe their leaders’ corruption and the leaders should be given free hand in making money in the country. This can’t be allowed in any country under the Sun. Sonia is facing ED enquiry for grabbed money worth ninety crores in National Herald case. The case is not so simple. Congress has taken objection to opposition MPs are suspended for disturbing parliamentary work and preventing it to be allowed smoothly. The possibility of balanced discussion on national important subjects such as Agnipath scheme, inflation seems to be remote. Each passing day the pandemonium in the house is making new records. When there is no possibility of consent for the discussion, what is the use of parliamentary working and the sessions? If Congress is really interested in reducing the level of inflation in the country, it should accept ruling party’s urge that as union finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman will come out of Corona disease, the debate can be taken on, but Congress is insisting it right now. When we are discussing issue of inflation, then is it not logical that FM should be present in the house? Why Congress is not accepting FM’s disease can be a reason for postponing discussion? Undoubtedly, inflation is a serious issue not only in India but also in the entire world. But Congress is alleging that government is deliberately increasing prices which is unacceptable for any logical mind. Which government wants to be unpopular by increasing rates of commodities? The Congress should stop baseless allegations and disturb the working of parliament. Congress continuous sloganeering would not reduce inflation. Entire world is facing the problem of inflation. One thing is clear. Even if Congress comes to power in the course of the time, it will not be able to decrease in prices. This does not mean that we should clean chit to government. It is failing to make efforts to reduce the rates. But at the same time, there are some factors which are beyond control of the ruling party. Everybody should understand situation and try to come together to give some relief to common people from the menace of inflation.