Rudrappa Mokashi's accomplishments as Chairman, Malaprabha Cooperative Sugar Factory, MK Hubli

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Rudrappa Mokashi's accomplishments as Chairman, Malaprabha Cooperative Sugar Factory, MK Hubli

Bengaluru : Rudrappa Veerappa Mokashi, former Chairman of Malaprabha Cooperative Sugar factory at MK Hubli in Belagavi district passed away recently. He remained in office during the early Nineties for a brief period of one year and five months. But how he transformed the sick sugar mill into a profit-making unit is worth recalling even to this day. The pertinent question is because the Malaprabha Cooperative Sugar Factory once again is embroiled in woes of its own.

Unique and rare to find: You may feel, how many times this fellow wants to keep writing on the same personality already dealt with in these columns. You are absolutely right. Probably, that's the interesting perspective about Rudrappa Veerappa Mokashi. Maybe, no one might have kept a count on the number of Chairmen of cooperative sugar factories in this state and country. But there can be no doubt that people like Rudrappa Mokashi are unique and rare to find.

Cooperatives in the real sense : Ever since the cooperative movement made its humble beginnings in the country lakhs of cooperative institutions have cropped up and any number of them have also vanished before making any contribution to society. As of now, there are 8, 54,355 cooperative societies? in the credit and non-credit sector with 290.06 million members. Before Independence, the number of well-doing societies was huge in number while it was another way round after the country became free. But, by and large, the cooperative institutions in Mangaluru, Udupi and North Canara districts are true representatives of cooperatives.

Bust in the premises of factory : A meeting held in MK Hubli sugar factory condoled the demise of its former chairman late Rudrappa V Mokashi. Many members recalled the services, contributions and accomplishments of the late agrarian leader to the farming community and the sugar factory. The meeting also unanimously resolved to install a bust of the former chairman in the factory premises, informed Ashok Mokashi, the elder son. The same shareholders did everything to embarrass, insult and humiliate him while in office and now they want to remember him by erecting a statue in his memory. Perhaps that's the irony of honest and committed leaders in public life.