Punjab woes again

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The eighties and nineties decade early years were dominated by Punjab terrorism in the name of Khalistan. The Khalistani movement spread violence and it claimed the lives of our toughest prime minister Indira Gandhi and army chief General Arunkumar Vaidya. We have paid heavy price in the form of these two powerful personalities. Not only this, we have also lost many valuable lives of common people during the eight to ten years of Punjab terrorism. The extremely robust police chief KPS Gill’s heroics saved us from terrorism in Punjab. But India have lost many innocent lives by terror attacks by Khalistani movement. The reason for writing this article is much serious. There are doubts being expressed that in Punjab, Khalistani movement is trying to raise its head again. If such thing is really happening, it will cause extreme headache for prime minister Modi and home minister Shaha. There are many reasons for this worry. Khalistani forces are far more powerful than Kashmiri forces. Khalistani leaders have been living in Canada or any other European countries and they have vast money to arrange anything for the movement. During the farmers agitation against three farm laws in Delhi, many farmers were wandering wearing Khalistani T Shirts with swords in hand. This was a danger sign. It is also said that, Khalistani forces from the soil of Canada or foreign country, arranged hateful twits against Indian government in the garb of farmers agitation. Mia Khalifa, Rihanna and environmentalist Greta Thunberg were the some celebrities among them. This shows how powerful Khalistani forces are. Of course, Khalistani movement leaders have always denied the allegation. Of course, there are no concrete evidence against such leaders is another thing. But the real worrisome factor is that even today, in Sikh places of worship, the T Shirts with photos of Bhindranwale are being sold in huge numbers. People are buying them. Indian Sikh community does not support terrorism. When terrorism was on peak in Punjab, then also there was no enmity between Sikh and Hindus. But the Khalistani leaders based in Canada or foreign soil have actively been supporting the movement. The discussion of this kind going on political circles. This has caused real doubts that whether the movement is once again catching momentum in the country? if the doubts are true, then we should be more cautious. The Patiyala incident tells the same story. Pakistan has always been trying to abate Khalistani movement and it is said to have given shelter to Khalistani leaders. The biggest danger for India is that Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, the Pakistani terrorist organization has cordial relations with Khalistani movement since many years. So, if the nexus between the two organizations is there, it  may cause a very colossal danger to India. In the places of worships of Sikh community, the photographs of Bhindranwale have been included as historical revolutionists. Though Sikh  Community is against terrorism and they had opposed the terror tactics of Khalistan movement, few people may be there who support nefarious designs. Indian government should tackle with these elements with iron hand. In every religion, there are elements which are staunch hardliners and they try to divide the society on the lines of religion, sect, language and many more. Fortunately, there are number of people who do not believe in such separatists, the communities are not stood against each other. The number of wise people is more is the best thing that we have today. But, if Punjab once again returned to terrorism and uneasiness, then we also have to find another KPS Gill. It is difficult to find another Gill again. Indian government should have to tackle this problem with urgency.