Goa to install solar panels on govt buildings

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Goa to install solar panels on govt buildings

Panaji : Goa Power Minister Sudin Dhavalikar announced on Friday that solar panels will be installed in all 76 State Government buildings in Panaji.

He said the solar panels would be installed in the Assembly complex if the Speaker of the State Assembly agreed. "Solar panels will be installed in 76 government buildings in Panaji. The tender will be opened today. This is a pilot project for us. We will definitely go to every place where there is a large government building after the pilot project is completed," Dhavalikar said.

The Power Ministry is also considering a proposal to install solar panels at the sprawling Assembly complex, but the Speaker and members of the House must approve the project before it can begin, according to the Power Minister.

"We need approval from the Assembly, especially the Speaker, to install (solar panels) in the Assembly, and we can't do it until then. We'll take that up as well if the Assembly approves," he said. Dhavalikar also mentioned that the Goa Engineering Complex campus in Farmagudi, South Goa, is being considered for a one-megawatt solar power plant.