Ganga Dwar emerging as main entry point of KVD shrine

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Ganga Dwar emerging as main entry point of KVD shrine

Varanasi : The project of connecting the Ganga directly with Kashi Vishwanath temple has begun yielding positive results as a large number of pilgrims have started opting for the new Ganga Dwar instead of congested city roads.

Only three months after its opening, the Ganga Dwar entry point has begun to emerge as the main entry point of the KVD shrine area, according to Deepak Agrawal, chairman of the Shri Kashi Vishwanath Special Area Development Board and divisional commissioner.

Regarding the possibility of becoming the most preferred entry point, Agrawal stated that a major focus on connecting KVT with major footfall ghats, Namo Ghat with various facilities, and also trans-Ganga will shift the load of pilgrims on waterways.

Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's formal opening of the KVD on December 13, 2021, following completion of the initial phase work of the Rs 900 crore KV Dham corridor, the Ganga Dwar, constructed in the second and final phase of the project, was opened for pilgrims in February.

From February 20 to 28, a total of 1.6 lakh pilgrims entered the KVD through Ganga Dwar, while the figures for pilgrims entering through this gate in March and April were 3.8 lakh and 3.13 lakh, respectively, said Agrawal, adding that excluding the figures for footfall in February, around seven lakh pilgrims entered the KVD through Ganga Dwar.