A very bad precedent

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The West Bengal cabinet on Thursday decided to table a bill in the state assembly to replace the governor with the chief minister as chancellor of all state-run universities, education minister Bratya Basu said, a move that is seen as a fallout of the long-running battle between chief minister Mamata Banerjee and governor Jagdeep Dhankhar. This is a very bad precedent if it comes into reality. University should remain far from bias, nepotism and Bhai Bhatijawad. If a chief minister is not at good terms with governor, it does not mean that CM should take all its power in his hand. Mamta is going to do the same thing. No doubt, governor of West Bengal is working as a slave of centre. This has been our unwanted legacy since Congress days. But, removing him or taking his powers will not be accepted in our country. It is not also legally correct and it is definite that the decision of WB assembly resolution will be challenged in courts. There it will not last for long. But Mamta has opened another war against PM Modi and centre on this issue. The merit and demerit of this decision is different thing. Even if a chief minister becomes chancellor of a university, the corruption and nepotism will increase to manifold times. The simple reason is chief minister is resident of the state and his local interests work every time. The governor is at least man from another state and he can keep aloofness from the local politics and interests. This has happened so far. But gubernatorial post is not a banquet for anybody. The chief ministers from many states are not educated also. How they can be university chancellor? WB MLAs are blindly following Mamta Banarjee and nobody has opposed the bill. They are not aware the real danger lies in this resolution. This will pave the way of extreme corruption and violation of rules for appointments of faculty, department heads and many things. People may meet CM and he or she appoint him or her taking into local politics and number of votes. Mamta Banarjee has no brains while bringing such resolution in the assembly. It is unfortunate that there is no word of opposition came from anybody else. This silence is more dangerous than actual resolution when it will be tabled. In the first place, our education system is infested with unethical elements. If CM becomes chancellor, such unethical elements will rule the university and education system. Many education ministers are not even degree holders. When they attend programs of universities, it is a shameful thing for our democracy. We are witnessing all kinds of violations of rules in the name of democracy. This is another democratic blunder we are going to see. The animosity between chief minister and governor is no doubt at high level in Maharashtra and West Bengal. Many states have seen such tussles in the past. But nobody has taken such a Mohammad Tughlak type decision which will ultimately affect whole education system. Mamta is taking undue advantage of her majority in this way. But nobody has courage to say this openly. All the opposition is hoping she will be able to remover Modi from prime ministership and so all are calm and quietly watching all this without uttering any word. But it is very difficult for Mamta to replace Modi. But the game she is playing is ultimately very dangerous to our education sector. People should be wary and thwart her decision.