India supports UN move on clean environment as human right

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New York,: India has supported the UNO proposal to make healthy, clean and sustainable environment as human right. India also voted in favour of the proposal during a UN Summit.  However, India withdrew itself from some paragraphs related to the gist of the proposal.
While moving the proposal the UNO has stated that enforcement of agreement on healthy, clean and sustainable environment at international level and enacting a law is necessary. The proposal was passed with 161 out of the 193-member voting in its favour. Belarus, Cambodia, China, Ethiopia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Syria kept themselves away from the proposal. India voted in favour, but expressed its concern over process to be followed and gist of the proposal.
India?s Permanent Mission Advisor Ashish Sharma said that India supports any mission aimed at better environment and is ready to extend support at international level for its promotion. Despite this ?we would keep away from operative paragraph? 1 of the proposal. The paragraph says, ?the UNO approves healthy, clean and sustainable environment as a human right?. Emphasising his dissent to be brought on the record, as the proposal in itself is not compulsive. There is no unambiguous definition of words like healthy, clean and sustainable environment.