Dhanush is going to start his career with this character in Hollywood

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Dhanush is going to start his career with this character in Hollywood

Fans have been waiting for the Hollywood movie The Gray Man for a long time. The film, directed by Marvel's Russo Brothers, is set to release on Netflix soon.

Tamil actor Dhanush is going to make his Hollywood debut with this movie. Now Russo Brothers has said that a separate spin-off movie of Dhanush's character can also be found for the fans to watch.

The character of Dhanush will be Spin Off: Explain that Dhanush will be seen in the role of Supervillain in The Gray Man movie. That's what Rousseau said in a Twitter interaction about how he plans to expand the Gray Man Universe. He has further said that the character of Dhanush is very interesting and he is planning to make a spin off with it.

Joe Russo has said that, 'Dhanush is going to be seen playing the role of the top Assassin in the world. He is being cast in the role of Ryan Gosling. In this movie you will see two tremendous fights. Anthony and I are bow fans. We wrote this character especially for him. He is the classic villain, coming to fight the hero and confuse the movie. This character is funny and different. Dhanush's camera presence is great. His character is magical in a way. If the audience likes this film then we will take it further. This character is great for moving forward. '

Hollywood actors Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling and Anna de Armas will be seen in the lead roles with Dhanush in the movie The Gray Man. The trailer of the movie was released a few days back. The story of the film revolves around the life and death game being played between the characters of Ryan and Chris. Not only this, the movie has been filmed on exotic location and in which a lot of action fans can be seen. It is being reported that this is the most expensive movie of Netflix so far. The Gray Man is set to release on Netflix on July 22.