Futile experiment

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Major opposition party Congress is far from power since seven years. It seems that many editors and journalists are more restless than original Congressmen about the grand old party not being in power. Now, Congress is busy in Udaypur in Rajasthan presently conducting a Chintan Shibir (mooring camp).  One day has already passed and Congress president Sonia Gandhi has given her speech to workers and leaders. To be frank, this is a futile experiment for Congress. There are many reasons for this. It is said that many new rules will be brought into practice after this camp. One of them is only one ticket will be given to one member of family of a Congressman. The rule is undoubtedly excellent and will act as a check on a single family grabbing all the posts. But what about Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi? Will all they be given tickets in next Loksabha elections or not? Priyanka Gandhi can say that she is not Gandhi but Vadra. Sonia and Rahul are from the same family. But exception to this rule is done and both can stand as candidate in the elections. If Gandhi family is made exception to any rule, there will be no impact of this rule. Every time Sonia has made exception for Rahul and Priyanka in any disciplinary action. After Congress lost five state elections in a worst way, concerned PCC presidents were shown the door. But, Rahul and Priyanka who were entirely responsible for Punjab debacle were not touched. In such situation, no new rules will prove to be working for the party. Also there is a talk of a new rule being implemented that only those persons who have worked for five years in the party will be considered for the ticket. This has only made for facilitating Priyanka’s candidature without any hindrance. She started Congress work in two thousand nineteen and she can be eligible for candidature in next Loksabha elections. But this rule is really good if it is made because it will stop Ayaram Gayaram culture in today’s entire politics. Of course Congress is thinking to make this rule because there is no incoming in the party presently. Had Congress shown good performance in five states and incoming started in the party, it is doubtful whether grand old party would have the courage to make this rule. Chintan Shibirs are a futile experiments  can be said from the past experiences. There have been many such camps and the output has been zero. After all, the winnability or winning capacity is considered as prior to all other factors and then no other norm is taken into consideration. The reality is that every party depends upon number game and for bargaining on the base of numbers, they want winning candidates. In that case, all such rules are thwarted by party high command. This is true for every party. So, such rules are futile experiments. The Congress top brass is actively considering a radical idea to bring new faces into leadership levels. The party  is seriously thinking of imposing an age-ceiling for leaders to hold positions in the organization at all levels and for contesting elections besides putting in place a term-limit for Rajya Sabha members. The idea is part of the party’s attempt to give it a “young look.” This type of ideas have brought forward earlier also and were kept in cold storage. Congress is only trying to make believe people that the party is doing something to come from the debacle. But this is not the way. If the party wants to look younger, what about Rahul and Sonia who are not in any way young. Rahul though is said young turk, he is above fifty some years ago and he can’t be considered young. Also Sonia’s ill health has been a worrisome factor for the party. With all this anomalies. Congress is participating in Chintan Shibir. The step is good, no doubt, but some concrete proposals should come. And not to forget, senior leaders like Kapil Sibbal who is critic of Sonia and Rahul are not attending the camp. While P J Kurian has not been invited.