Demand for Rs. 42 per liter for cow's milk

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Demand for Rs. 42 per liter for cow's milk

Mumbai : With the onset of summer, the cost of milk production is on the rise. Against this backdrop, the Milk Producers' Struggle Committee has demanded a minimum price of Rs 42 per liter for cow's milk.

Maharashtra Coordinator of Milk Producers Farmers Struggle Committee Dr. Ajit Navale said that in the first wave of Kovid, the price of milk powder in the international market had come down to Rs 180 per kg. Kovid Mahasathi was somewhat restrained. Also, due to limited milk production at the international level, the price of milk powder at the international level has now gone up to Rs. 300 per kg. In the domestic market too, milk powder is fetching Rs. 325 per kg. Due to the shortage of milk in the country due to summer, there is not enough milk available for making milk powder and the stock of domestic milk powder is rapidly depleting. As a result, milk powder prices are likely to rise further in the near future. The rise in milk powder prices will continue till the end of June. Against this background, it is easily possible to pay a minimum price of Rs. 42 for cow's milk. Navale said. He also said that companies and milk unions had procured milk from farmers at Rs 18 to Rs 20 per liter, citing the fall in prices of milk powder during the lockdown period.

According to agricultural universities, the production cost of cow's milk was Rs. 28 per liter and before lockdown it was Rs. 32 per liter. As a result, farmers had to sell milk at a huge loss. During the lockdown period, various companies and milk teams made milk powder from milk purchased at a low rate of Rs. 18 to 20 per liter. He kept large stocks. While the price of milk powder has gone up to Rs 200 today, these companies and milk unions are making huge profits from the sale of cheap milk powder. Navale did

Meanwhile, the state's dairy development department has been in a passive role for the last several years. The Dairy Development Minister has been consistently ignoring the demands of milk producers. He said that in view of the international and national situation, the Dairy Development Minister and the Dairy Development Department need to intervene urgently on the side of the farmers.