Concentration is important, not the medium of education

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Concentration is important, not the medium of education

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's valuable advice to students

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi friday guided students across the country in the 5th part of his program 'Pariksha Pay Charcha'. Speaking to the students, Prime Minister Modi said, "This is my favorite event. But because of Corona, I could not meet my colleagues like you. Today's event is a great pleasure for me, as I have the opportunity to meet you after a long distance. He further said that examinations are held during festivals. So the festivities are not fun. But if we make the exams a festival, then they are filled with many colors.

At the end of the program, Prime Minister Modi called the five students who had made a statement on the stage and wished them well. He said that during the whole program, I did not feel any lack of confidence in any of the students. The Prime Minister concluded the program by congratulating the students and the Department of Education.

Film story heard by the Prime Minister

Whether studying in the morning or in the evening, before playing or after playing, on an empty stomach or on a full stomach, after answering all these questions, Prime Minister Modi said, "I remember a movie in which a person living near a railway station gets a chance to live in a big bungalow." He could not sleep there. So he goes to the train station and records the sound of the train and when he comes back he hears the sound and then goes to sleep. This means that you need to relax. Evaluate yourself for this and see how you find relief by studying.

Write a letter to the exam

Prime Minister Modi told the students that one day you should write a letter for the exam. He said in a mischievous manner, start the letter by writing this dear exam. Write further that I am fully prepared, take my test if you have the courage. Oh, will you take my exam, I will take my exam.

You will not open without playing

Prime Minister Modi said that you will not open without playing. It teaches us to face the challenges of our opponents. What books teach us, we can also learn on the playground. But now playing has been separated from education. But now changes are happening and more changes are bound to happen.

How to stay away from social media and mobile gaming addiction?

Prime Minister Modi said that there is a solution to stay away from social media and mobile gaming addiction. As much fun as engaging in mobile or laptop, so much fun engaging in yourself. Students should stay inline instead of offline online. If you study with concentration, you can stay away from mobile addiction.

How to keep stress at bay?

While interacting with the students, Prime Minister Modi said, "Keep in mind that exams are a part of your life. This is a small stage of our development. We have already gone through this stage. You've been tested many times before. When faith is formed in the mind, this experience becomes our strength for the coming test.