CM Arvind Kejriwal encourages 45+ to visit nearest polling booths for vaccination

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CM Arvind Kejriwal encourages 45+ to visit nearest polling booths for vaccination

New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday visited a vaccination center in Rajkiya Sarvodaya Vidyalaya situated at Lancer Road, designated under the new 'Jahan Vote, Wahan Vaccination' initiative of the Delhi government. CM Arvind Kejriwal encouraged those in the 45+ category to get vaccinated by visiting the nearest polling booths converted into vaccination centers under the 'Jahan Vote, Wahan Vaccination' campaign.

CM Kejriwal stated that the Delhi government has received a thunderous response on this campaign and has also arranged for e-rickshaw to travel from home to vaccination centers. He further added that just like BLOs give slips from door to door before voting, in the same way, they are giving slips of scheduled slots to people for vaccination.

He also emphasised that those who do not come to the center and get their jab even after getting the slot, the BLO will go again to their house and clear the doubts, adding that with multiple rumors rapidly spreading, giving heat to the issue of vaccine hesitancy, it is the responsibility of all of us to dispel them. Kejriwal declared that within the next four weeks, the entire population of 45+ will be vaccinated with the first dose all over Delhi.

The CM went on to substantiate that India’s electoral structure is competent enough, if we use it all over the country, we can vaccinate everyone in two to three months: CM Arvind Kejriwal

CM Arvind Kejriwal, “A new initiative, namely 'Jahan Vote Wahan Vaccination' has been launched by the Delhi government. We have seen in Delhi that for those above the age of 45 years, around 50% of people have been vaccinated, and 50% of people are left to be vaccinated. In Delhi, there are about 57 lakh people above the age of 45 years. Around 27-28 lakh people have been vaccinated and around 30 lakh people are left to be vaccinated. But now we were observing that not many people were turning up to the vaccination centers, all over Delhi. We thought that we had to invite people from their homes and make them aware. So, is this is a new initiative that you get vaccinated where you vote.”

He said, "In every Vidhan Sabha, the electoral machinery is very elaborate. So, where the people go to vote, they will be vaccinated there at the polling station. So, like this polling station, here the people who come to vote, just the way the booth level officers go to their houses to give election chits before the elections and inform them about the date and other details of the election, similarly the BLO would go to the house of each and every person and will give them slots for the vaccination center so that it does not get crowded. Some people will be given the slots for 10 am, some for noon. So, the BLO will invite the people and people will have to come with the slots given by the BLO.”

Kejriwal said, “Right now I have talked to some people and they are very happy people. The arrangements for E -rickshaws for their transportation have also been made, to bring people from their houses. BLOs are making the people aware in case the people are apprehensive about the vaccination for example I met an elderly woman right now who was apprehensive because she had blood pressure and sugar. The BLOs are also removing any apprehensions. So, the BLOs will cover their area in 2 days and the next 2 days the vaccination will be administered