BJP and AAP main contenders?

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It is very difficult to digest the fact that Congress, once grand old party has lost its political relevance of a cognizable party in Indian polity. After scintillating power show in Punjab and ousted Congress from comfortable power situation, AAP party has been bracing up in Himachal Pradesh for the next assembly elections along with Gujarat.  A very confident AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal has targeted both Congress and BJP in his first speech in Himachal recently and called for a chance to his party to rule the state. On a single day, AAP leader and Delhi chief minister Kejriwal and his Himachal counterpart and BJP leader Jairam Thakur started launched campaign on the behalf of their respective parties. A buoyant AAP is taking part in Gujarat and Himachal assembly elections with extreme enthusiasm powered by Punjab giant victory. It thinks that, the policies in Punjab may give the same results in both these states. But, of course, AAP should not be in that misunderstandings. Because, in Punjab, they were fighting with such a party which has been devastated with faction fighting and a leader like Navjyot Singh Siddhu who is non serious about politics like his leader that is Rahul Gandhi. In Himachal or Gujarat, AAP is fighting with well planned party led by super leaders like Modi and Shaha and with such party which is always in election mode. Of course, the points which Kejriwal was propagating were politically correct. But, the politics has never been succeeded on political correct answers. It requires leaders karishma.The Assembly elections in 68 constituencies of Himachal Pradesh are scheduled to be held in November 2022. While the hill state sends only four members to the Parliament, the BJP and Indian National Congress (INC), both of which have formed alternative governments in the state, are giving utmost importance to the state polls, especially with the AAP joining the fight this time. In the last three decades, no ruling party in Himachal has managed to return to power a second time. The contest has so far been a bipolar one, between the INC and BJP. However, given the national ambitions of the AAP, and its recent victory in Punjab, the party is charged to fight elections in the hill state, pedaling its “corruption-free model”. The BJP, riding high on its victory in four states in the recent Assembly polls also does not want to lose its momentum and is highlighting the development brought about by the party in the state. The left behind in this context is only grand old party i.e. Congress. It has once again bracing up for elections in Himachal with no gain. It has no doubt, given good fight in Uttarakhand not far away from Himachal. It can draw with more advantage in the upper state comparative to Uttar Pradesh or other states. But, AAP is now there to eat out their votes. Thus, AAP’s entry in Himachal will be a danger to Congress and not BJP. AAP will take away with it  Congress votes. Political fortunes in Himachal Pradesh have always been uncertain. So far, the competition has been majorly two-sided with the INC and BJP wrestling for victory. In 2012, the INC under the leadership of Virbhadra Singh defeated the BJP, winning by a slim majority of 36 seats in the assembly with a vote share of 42.81 per cent. Meanwhile, the BJP secured 26 seats and a vote share of 38.47 per cent. The 2012 elections were marked by a series of internal issues for both parties with party members deserting their positions for other parties. However, the BJP definitely suffered more damage, and tensions between senior leaders Dhumal and Shanta Kumar were reflected in the party’s performance in the Kangra district, where the BJP only won three out of 15 seats. But this time BJP will be more vigilant and Modi and Shaha definitely know this better. So, infighting in party will not be allowed now and even if there is some possibility of losing some seats due to faction fighting, AAP is there to take care of Congress may not be able to take advantage of this situation. Not only that, Congress itself is infested with internal fighting. It has weak leadership of Rahul and Priyanka and the main tussle may be between BJP and AAP. This is irony that once the party who was at central stage of power is now not in reckoning.