Bengal Youth Was Denied Covaxin Shot for Wearing Shorts

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Bengal Youth Was Denied Covaxin Shot for Wearing Shorts

Bengal : A youngster from West Bengal, who went to get a shot of the Covid-19 vaccine, was in for a shock when officials at the vaccination centre allegedly barred him from getting his jab because he was wearing shorts. The incident took place at a vaccination centre in Boral, South 24 Parganas, on Friday.ShirshaNath Pundit and his mother Runu reached the Covid-19 vaccination centre at the Boral civic office of Rajpur-Sonarpur municipality for a shot of Covaxin. Shirsha was wearing multicoloured shorts and a T-Shirt, but the moment he tried entering the vaccination centre with his mother, a municipal staff worker told him that he could not enter the premises in that attire.

Astonished, Shirsha told the municipal worker that vaccination was his right and there was no government circular that prevented him from being vaccinated in shorts.

Shirsha requested them to let him enter the premises but in vain. His mother, however, was allowed and to get her first dose.Speaking, Shirsha said, “I was shocked by the entire incident. I never heard anyone being denied the Covid-19 vaccine for wearing shorts. I felt humiliated as I was threatened to leave the place.”

He added, “They also showed me a notice that stated that no one could enter the municipality office wearing shorts. I told them that the notice may be for those who wanted to enter the main administrative building of the Rajpur-Sonarpur municipality, and not for those who wanted to get the Covid-19 vaccine. But the municipal staff was adamant and asked me to leave the area.”He also requested concerned officials to look into the matter. Pallab Das, chairperson of Rajpur-Sonarpur municipality, said, “I am not aware of the incident, but there is no rule and order from our side that people cannot be vaccinated wearing shorts. I will certainly look into the matter and would like to request the person who faced this issue to contact me.”